Master Collective is a Cleveland, Ohio based
Creative Services company that
connects resources to often ignored communities.


Founded by Robert Gatewood in 2016, we are an organization borne from his Graphic Design freelancing work. He sought to offer local & community-based clients design services at a quality not typical of the area, at rates they could afford.

Euclid Beach Blast, 2014

In doing so, it became clear that not only was there an intrinsic misunderstanding of the value of design, there was an almost intentional barrier of entry to it, if you didn't have the right connections.

Design and access go hand in hand. Artists, Makers, and Entrepreneurs of all sorts are bound to the limits of their presentation to their target audience (Design), and access to resources to produce things (Access).

Without access to the tools, expertise, and resources that people in more affluent areas take for granted, Robert didn't see how people in his own community and those like it could fairly compete.

So he decided to formalize his work, and create a larger network for creatives. Master Collective is changing how creativity works by taking modern co-working techniques, relationships with local stakeholders, and feedback from the people who benefit most to craft a collaborative organization that supports community projects, businesses, individual artists, and philanthropic organizations in all of their Creative Service needs.


We're just getting started.


Master Collective has a small but ever-growing and appreciated group of people and organizations that have allowed us to work with them on a variety of needs.


Creativity is boundless.


Our passion for providing access to creative resources is leading us in interesting, unexpected directions.

Stay tuned. Interested in more? Contact us.