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GamerHaven's First competitive
tournament event.

Starting at 6pm, we will be holding a single-elimination NBA 2K18 tournament. The more players that enter, the larger the winnings pot can be. 

GamerHaven is matching the cash winnings with in-facility credit. If we have a $100 dollar pot, the total winnings will be $200, and so on.

Because we are looking to accommodate as many players as possible, we have 1 PlayStation 4 Pro and 1 Xbox One X for primary play (each representing one bracket). Two brackets, with the finalist from each platform playing each other in the Tournament Finals.

Cost, Rules, and Discounts

Spectator Pass: $10

No tournament option, but enjoy food, drink, and watch the competition. Experience GamerHaven, as non-tournament game systems and some creative services will be available.

Tournament Pass: $25

Came to win? For $25 you get one entry into the single-elimination tournament. The sooner you register, the more likely it is you can select your platform (PlayStation 4 or Xbox One). Does not include food, but the coffee bar is free and water is provided.

Premium Tournament Pass: $30

Includes everything in both the Spectator Pass & Tournament pass. Winning the tournament while holding a Premium Pass get a 15% bonus in-facility credit.